Co-production Action Group

Ensuring that the voice of people with lived experience is represented across the Partnership.

The Co-production Action Group aims to ensure that people with lived experience are involved in the partnership in a meaningful way. Other Action Groups and the Board can bring projects, plans for advice about how to embed the voices of people with experience of homelessness in the design and delivery of those projects. 

Full co-production means sharing power – giving people who use services an equal chance to sit at the table and make decisions about how to run it better. - Homeless Link, 2018

Some examples of projects that the group has worked on include putting on co – production training for co – chairs of other action groups. They are looking to do another set of training, even more enriching, for people within the MHP and outside agencies. It will focus on informing people with lived experience on how to get involved in homeless strategy projects and how organisations can involve these people as well.  

Image of notes made during co-production training. The notes are about what barriers people might face when participating in meetings, such as the style of participation and the room layout.

The Booth Centre were invited to support Homeless Link in the development of their Co-production Toolkit, to support other homeless services in integrating a culture of genuine co-production in their organisations.

To get involved, please contact the co-chair to find out more. He is particularly calling on people with lived experience from outside the Booth Centre to join the group.

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