Mental Health Action Group

Improving Mental Health provision for people experiencing homelessness

The Mental Health Action Group (MHAG) aims to improve Mental Health provision for people experiencing homelessness, through looking into issues with accessing mental health support, missing services, and also supporting therapies and activities that could be provided by the volunteers.

From 2016 to the beginning of 2022, Inspiring Change Manchester chaired MHAG because of how many people their services were seeing struggling with both mental health issues and homelessness. MHAG is built on co-production, with all decisions being made equally by the group.

The group’s founding aim was to produce a piece of peer-led research and, and they produced not one, but two reports - Causes & Consequences, and It’s My Medication. The findings of the Causes & Consequences report have been used to establish a homelessness operational group at the Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust, garnering both local and national attention

“Systems and services are simplified and connected so it’s easier to navigate them.” - from the Mental Health Action Group’s Causes and Consequences report

After a pause in activity during COVID-19, the MHAG is back up and running, as of August 2023.

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