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Effecting change for non-UK nationals experiencing homelessness in Manchester

The Non-UK Nationals Action Group aims to effect positive change for non-UK nationals experiencing homelessness in Manchester, by using knowledge, lived experience and expertise from attendees of the action group and their wider reach. The group aims to be pro-active and positive, focusing on all aspects of homelessness. 

“Non-UK nationals are more vulnerable to homelessness than people with UK citizenship, and those with restricted or undetermined eligibility for public funds even more so.” - from Crisis report ‘A Home For All’

After launching at the end of 2022, the group voted to decide the first topic of focus for the group –how non–UK nationals with restricted eligibility to public funds can access accommodation. The group has begun to design a toolkit which can be of use to frontline services and people experiencing these issues themselves. It helps readers navigate the system, demystify common misconceptions and raises awareness of what support people can access no matter what your immigration status.

Organisations involved in the group include the Booth Centre, Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit and Boaz Trust, as well as other organisations that work with Non-UK nationals, and people with lived experience.  

Any person or organisation interested in improving the lives of non-UK nationals experiencing homelessness in Manchester is welcome to attend this group!

This action group strives to be inclusive of any person wishing to attend. For example, if we have attendees whose first language is not English, we will use existing resources to aid their participation, such as offering support from multi-lingual volunteers. We will not rely on email communication only; we will reach out via text message to attendees who do not have email access, and you can drop into the Booth Centre for a chat if you are interested in getting involved.

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