Best practice for working with and supporting people experiencing homelessness, created by partners and external organisations.

For services: Co-production Toolkit

Co-production is when professionals and people with experience of using their services, work together to design and run the service.

Homeless Link’s Co-production Toolkit is for services working with people experiencing homelessness, who want to take the first steps towards embedding co-production in their organisation:

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For volunteer-led services: Standards Toolkit

Are you a volunteer-led service providing support for people on the streets? Street Support have put together a best practice guide to help you protect the vulnerable adults that use these services, your volunteers and members of the public.

The information, training and support provided here supports you to ensure you have adequate standards and safeguarding in place.

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For businesses: Sharing Spaces Guide

Are you a business which works with people who appear to be street homeless near your organization? Sharing Spaces: A guide for city centre organisations, created by the Manchester Homelessness Partnership, will guide you to develop your own positive approach to working with people who are homeless and inform your staff about what provision is available for people who are homeless.

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For the media: Manchester’s pledge

Media can be a force for telling untold stories, and a catalyst for change. However, a lot of the time, the media portrays people experiencing homelessness in a way that reinforced inaccurate and negative stereotypes, and the othering of people affected by homelessness.

During 2019 and 2020, the Booth Centre Media Group discussed the negative coverage of homelessness, sharing personal experiences of homelessness and interacting with the media

The decision was made to formalise the Booth Centre approach to the media; a focus on portraying individuals not stereotypes and telling empowering stories - not ones of victims and saviours.

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